Thursday, September 15

Retail Therapy

For the past couple of weeks I've been particularly exuberant in purchasing random, almost-luxury, items (some of which I've written about already), a behaviour that may be seen as strange coming from someone sometimes described as "kanjoos". Quite unfairly, I should add - I mean just because I tend not to want random objects of desire as some others may, doesn't mean when I do I'm unwilling to spend on it; it just doesn't happen that often, that's all.

I've never understood the concept of retail therapy - y'know the way some people (mainly women, I think) get joy from buying stuff; sometimes even going out of their way to do so when they are, say, depressed. How can overspending on a luxury item make anyone feel happy? I mean all you're left with is buyer's remorse (if you're lucky) and debt (if you're not).

My purchases haven't been totally useless and I've bought stuff to fill particular practical holes rather than as anti-depressants, so it's not actually therapeutic in that sense, I don't think. Despite this, I must admit it's felt a bit good splurging out. And yes, I still get a high when playing with my iPod.

So yes, I now understand a bit about how retail therapy works. I guess it's handy having a quick and cheap (emotionally, not financially) fix for the times we feel we might need one, even if it turns out to be expensive (financially, not emotionally). It may even be something to bear in mind when that hypothetical girlfriend finally decides to dump me. Better get saving...