Sunday, September 11

Film: Salaam Namaste Click for more info

Take one bollywood film with a pretty cast and set it in a western location. Sounds like a sure fire hit right? Well unlike my favourites Dil Chata Hai and Kal Ho Naa ho, Salaam Namaste kinda falls short of the mark.

I'm not too sure what it was though. The plot was ok, as was the cast and music... But something was missing in the film. The consensus was that it was very up and down; there were some gem moments but some equally farcical ones too - enough to break any connection the audience may have had with the characters and their situation.

Credit for the attempt though. Even I was gasping at some of the concepts of and events in the film (if you didn't know it's regarding a couple cohabiting before marriage). It's just a shame since the film could so have been much more.