Tuesday, September 13

Gadget Slags

A few weeks ago the PSP was released in the UK. A few days after that event, regular Tube travelers everywhere would see others playing/whoring their new toy on the daily commute "oblivious" (hah, yeh right) to the world while looking up every now and then to check who is watching them with envy. Even those of you that don't use The Tube will know what I'm talking about - whether it's someone making unnecessary calls on their new mobile phone or repeatedly checking the time on their bling watch they're all what I like to call Gadget Slags.

Those of you that know me will know why I'm writing about this now. Now, I'm not a typical gadget slag. I'll usually keep it in my pants unless I genuinely need to take it out, thank you very much. I mean I'm secure about these things. However, today I couldn't resist flashing my nano, even if it was for a mere second.

There was a context of course, not that this excuses any of it. I mean it was so NOT my fault there were already two ever so pretty women on the train I got on to this morning (one with her own iPod Mini to boot). To be fair though I did hold out whipping my toy out till one of them had left the train at Liverpool Street Station (although possibly only 'cos flashing both of them woulda been a bit too bait. I'm sure the remaining girl called her friend later to tell her all about it anyway).

Oh, and I did take it out for an almost genuine reason - I mean I did fancy listening to Bon Jovi at that particular time and I couldn't control the player in my pocket (blind) in order to do so like I was doing before for volume adjustments and the like. And of course the nano has almost only been created for the sole reason to show others and it would be a grave injustice not to allow it to fulfill this destiny.

Honestly, I'm not trying to kid myself here. In fact if anything maybe I was more of a gadget tart or flirt than gadget slag. Yeh. That's it. And perhaps I'm mistaken but I'm sure the remaining girl returned the favour by changing minidiscs in her player shortly after (which, although quaint, was cute).

Sigh. I'm so ashamed. Ho hum.