Sunday, September 4

Film: Red Eye Click for more info

Amazingly, the last film I went to see was Charlie way back in July. That's a over a whole month without film. Could we be boring of film? I hope not.

Anyway, Red Eye marks a nice return from this lack of cinema. Pretty fun, straightforward and no-nonsense, it doesn't force the audience to work at enjoying it, instead laying the frolics on a plate for us to lap up. The title implies that most of the action occurs on a plane but saying that, my favourite parts of the film were on the ground. But hey, let's not get overly pedantic about mistitled films.

Classic Craven in that it's packed with humour and frights in equal amounts, check this out if you don't like thinking too hard while watching a film.


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  2. as i get older i ask myself these days, why would you want to go an see a film in the cinema, with all the inconvenience of uncomfortable seating, not being able to stretch your legs, holding in the pee, lack of dominos or other such adequate food, etc; when you could instead watch the same film in the comfort of your own home.

    apart from the odd 'must see on the big screen' movie, my aching joints will pick home cinema any day of the week.

  3. I agree Keya, much prefer to watch a movie in the comfort of my own home then in a cinema :)

  4. watching at home has less of a thrill ... it's not fun to touch yourself over rachel mcadams when you know you can't get caught