Wednesday, January 4

Food: Laurel House Click for more info

It's not often I visit St Albans for... well anything let alone food. But given the location of the rest of the dinner party it made more sense to pick that as a dining spot than a more neutral midpoint like Harrow or the like. And so I went.

Now I'm not about to claim that Laurel House is worth leaving London for, but given the circumstances it was actually quite the solid choice. I went for the Classic Burger as the "Special Hunger Buster" seemed a little too much. It wasn't bad, but I already forget how it actually was which I suppose makes the food here a little unexciting. On the other hand it wasn't memorable for the wrong reasons either so there is that.

Laurel House is managed by a friendly Algerian chap who gave us the kind of care and attention you want from an small and intimate place like this - perhaps a little too intimate however as we only came across three other customers during our time there which we found odd.

Still at £15 per head including drinks (the meals all came with a side) there really was little to complain about with Laurel House. I'd definitely visit again given the chance... but then how often does one need to go to St Albans really?

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