Thursday, January 12

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Any trepidation I had about booking this show blind quickly evaporated before the show had even begun. Wilton's Music Hall itself was a lovely venue - well, as lovely as a gentrified grade II listed music hall can be. The set was simple but told a lot - that this was going to be something simple, clever and very funny.

And that's pretty much what we got. As much as I love Buffy (and the TV show), there are tons of flaws, in jokes and observations my friends and I have made over the years, and this show was just about calling all these things out while still giving us the fan service we came from. And given the one man show format, this was as close to satirical Buffy stand up as we were going to get.

Brendan Murphy is a talent and a genius, and pulled off quite the feat - although, fine, he didn't cover all episodes in all seven seasons but the strokes were more than broad enough.

Simple, clever and funny, I very much recommend Buffy Revamped - although perhaps not to those who aren't familiar with the show. It truly was the compliment to the Buffy meetup late last year that I didn't think I needed.

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