Wednesday, January 25

Film: Pathaan Click for more info

I guess it was too much to ask for. SRK and Padukone in the same film? A political spy thriller? Surely this would bring us back to the second (or was it the third?) golden age of Bollywood - these guys weren't about to put their names against a turkey now right?

Wrong. Pathaan stunk. Part of the YRF Spy Universe (which I hadn't had heard of till today which shows how out of touch I am) means that there are more of these, and I'm grateful to now know which films to avoid.

Bad plot, bad acting, bad CGI (including - get this - pasted on abs) are all well and present. Even the promise of Deepika playing a Pakistani spy wasn't enough for me - and that's something I am truly surprised about. Even the audience's whoops were deflated and deflating.

I dunno. Maybe it's not the film. Maybe it's me and I'm just too old for this now. Which is actually funny for those who bothered to stay after the credits for the stinger. I'd suggest not watching it in the first place.

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  1. Sangeeta19:56

    I was happy with John's performance. A very happy me