Sunday, September 22

Peru, Day Seven: Hiking to Sangalle, The Oasis

The plan was pretty simple - to leave Llahuar and hike to Sangalle. But it seems that a second day of hiking affects the way you experience things: even after counting the ad hoc stop in Malata it was six hours of hard walking, most of which was wondering how long was left to go. More objectively though the trek did head up rather than the constant down we had yesterday.

And so the views also weren't as great, and of course it rained - although thankfully just as we arrived into Sangalle.

In hindsight however, although the day wasn't as "enjoyable" as the last, it did serve to add to the whole experience - hiking in these conditions is hard, and there are no guarantees of any kind of return. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing when you realise that effort doesn't have to go rewarded to have value.

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