Thursday, September 19

Peru, Day Four: Lake Titicaca

The main (and perhaps only) reason to visit Puno is to tour the adjacent Lake Titicaca, known to be the highest nautical lake in the world. We booked ourselves on a typical day trip on Titicaca, the first highlight being a stop at the Uros floating islands.

Inhabited by the indigenous people of Peru and Bolivia, the culture porn was of a decent enough quality, with families singing and dancing for us as we were told how the Uros people lived.

We then carried on to the (real) island of Taquille for more local culture and a grilled fish lunch.

The whole thing was a bit of a tourist trail, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

As soon as we left the boat we loaded straight onto a van for another long drive, this time to Arequipa. On balance Puno wasn't unmissable, and certainly a dubious pick given the hours spent on the road getting to and from there - but hey, at least we got to witness a wide array of stars on the way.

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