Saturday, August 25

Shakespeare staging the world Click for more info

The British Museum's current main exhibition attempts to cover all things Shakespeare. It does this by focussing mainly on the life of the world during his time, and then loosely coupling these presentations with the main themes from his plays. I found this strategy to be a little tenuous and even weak, but as soon as I stopped trying to see Shakespeare everywhere I found myself enjoying the exhibition much more, purely from a "randomly historical" account of England and London during the 1600s.

Overall though apart from being a decent distraction I wouldn't say there was anything essential that needed to be seen here.

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  1. Anonymous17:28

    Distractions are good when you need them. Especially when you're avoiding things.

    Keep going Shak. Allah (swt) is just testing you. Things will only change when He (swt) thinks you're ready.

    BUT you have to make that change first as Allah (swt) does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves first. Maybe it's time to take self-reflection a step further into self-development? Even though we hate to admit it, sometimes other people are right....