Sunday, August 26

Food: Spice Village Click for more info

Ah, Southall. The Promised Land. I've only really been here a couple of times before, so to visit is still very exciting for me. But this trip wasn't to shop or even to cruise, but to actually grab dinner with a friend who was local to the area. And unlike last time where we didn't have a native to guide us, our friend specifically took us to Spice Village.

And it wasn't that bad actually. It was hardly novel - we had the typical curries and kebabs and naans, and nothing in particular stood out. But the food was good, the service decent and the buzz... well buzzy, and we had a nice time at the end of it.

The price was a little more than I would have been used to, with the total coming to £17 per head, but we did have drinks and what can only be described as the best falooda in the world. Really I would say it's worth visiting just for dessert alone.

So no, it's not really a reason to go to Southall in the first place, but since there are many more reasons for that anyway you can't really do that much worse than to eat here while you're there.

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  1. Anonymous23:03

    Southhall - the promised land?

    You need to get out more LOL