Wednesday, August 29

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The Big Lies People Tell In Online Dating

My no longer frequenting Twitter means the return of Link of the Day! Yay! Maybe. And what better way to mark the occasion than a dating link? Whether this vindicates your own experiences (or more likely shows you up to be a big fat liar yourself) there's no doubting that not only do people turn all creative when pimping themselves out, but also that it seems to work.

My advice? Well, be honest yes, but not only in terms of how you choose to describe yourself; we have to equally be honest about how the world works and what we want but can't admit to wanting. Which could mean a pretty face, fat wallet or decent height. Denial is both wasteful and unhelpful, so just cut it out already.


  1. Anonymous22:52


  2. I will definitely bear this in mind next time I am on an online dating site. Very useful..

  3. Anonymous12:35

    You're still looking? You've been searching for years, firmly caught in the paradox of (too much) choice. There isn't a new type of girl you haven't met you and at some point you'll realise this. After you meet her, I hope you find the years you spent searching for rather than enjoying a marriage worth it.

    In other words, deal. That's when you win.

  4. Anonymous22:53

    Agreed. Some people enjoy theorising about marriage rather than actually take part in one.

    There is no perfect person. Successful marriages require hard work and compromise right from the beginning. BUT having read your blog and knowing your wonderful insight, I think the sooner you get closer to Allah (swt), the sooner He (swt) will deliver. By the way, He (swt) knows whether you're sincere or not.