Sunday, April 22

Ishaq and Sanam

There's so many things that makes Ishaq a special guy, but I think top of the list is his humility. Where the rest of us are constantly vying to show how smart, clever and awesome we each are, Ishaq is the kind of guy who will help you convince everyone of those things. He'll laugh at your jokes even though he's funnier, thank you for your generosity even though he gives much more and be there to listen even though he's the one who needs the lending ear. So yes, all in all Ishaq is a pretty nice guy and one of the most patient, loyal and dependable people I know. I personally feel that I can learn a lot from him, and there's not many people I would say that about.

I never met Sanam before today, but I had heard a lot about her via Ishaq. Still even in that little time the way he's into her is clearly well-deserved, and I can't wait to get to know her better as time goes on.