Saturday, April 7

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Despite it no longer being fashionable to hate on good ol' Damien, I must stress that this visit was specifically made to point and laugh at all the other visitors who paid to get in, each pretending to "get" the pieces they were looking at. And laugh we all did.

Okay, that's a little harsh. Generally though I think it's better to knock something after you tried it, and now that I'm actually a little more informed at what Hirst has come out with over the years, I can with confidence say that it's all a little boring, wasteful and even a little gross.

I'm sure I actually enjoyed one or two pieces, but I'm damned if I can remember them. Either way I can't say I can particularly recommend the current collection being presented at the Tate Modern, although perhaps if you were checking out the rest of the awesome gallery you could spare a few moments for him. Oh but if you do, just be prepared to be laughed at.

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