Saturday, April 21

Food: Flamin' Steak Grill Click for more info

Oh look, another steak house! Of course I can't really comment on the quality of the steak itself being a burger man myself, but the food I did have was pretty good. Potato skins and chicken tenders, chilli burgers, steaks and mango lassis were all on our order, and all pretty well received too. Desserts were okay too, apart from my apple crumble - the server racing back after I had eaten a quarter of it to take it off my hands. Apparently the custard was off or something. Still top marks for service - the dessert was cancelled and complimentary ice cream served instead.

Decor has to be mentioned. Although the place was certainly swank, I have to say the semi circular half-booths were a bit difficult to sit around. Check out the pictures on their website to get an idea of what I mean.

For drinks, starters, mains and dessert we paid the princely sum of £18 per head (a fiver less for me since I went for a burger), which all things considering felt rather steep. Still as an option it's a fair one and I'm sure I'll be visiting again at some point in the future. Avoiding the desserts, of course.

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  1. Problem is I've not yet seen a halal butcher that sells good quality steaks. They never seem to be hung for a long enough (if any) time, and have very little marbling. So if the raw ingredients aren't particularly good, what's the point? I dunno, perhaps you can get good quality if you buy wholesale?