Saturday, February 27

Sofia and Amir

Since I think it's inappropriate to link to any YouTube footage there might be of me and Sofs (it's nothing bad. Well, not in the ethical sense anyway), I won't. It's a shame though since that one video kinda sums up the kind of girl Sofia is. Crazy, but in a good, balanced and essential way. It's true though, since only someone as secure as Sofia could do what she did.

Apart from her utter lack of any self-respect, I'd say that Sofs is as model as a woman can get really. For example unlike many other women (or even men) who think that they can balance work and home responsibilities easily Sofia manages to do so without compromise, rubber gloves and all. But that's not to say she was some kind of workaholic and housework obsessed freak; oh no, since she's also the type to make time for her mates be it for fun or even to get involved in projects (like this TV thing she once did. I'm not sure I've mentioned that yet).

But the biggest quality I really like about Sofia is her approachability. She is one of the girls, she is one of the lads, you can talk to her about important and deep stuff as well as waste hours on more trivial trash talk. She'd hold to her opinions with womanly strength, yet I would never describe her as an unapologetic feminist. Oh yes, and she's funny too (at the cost of herself as well as others), something which probably stems from her lack of pride.

Since I've only met Amir once, and that was on the stage today, I can't really say much about him. Anyone who found that video to be attractive rather than a turn off must be a perfect fit for Sofia though; and if anything his sheer size will come in handy in keeping his missus in check.

It was wonderful seeing them celebrate their marriage today (and probably the only time we'll ever see Sofia tarted up as she was), and I wish them both all the happiness they both rightfully deserve.


  1. Anonymous19:52

    that one didn't go down too well i take it..

  2. Awww Shak thats lovely. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the say as much as me and it was good to see you.

  3. Anonymous21:46

    For some strange random moment I've revisted this particular blog. Thanks for you comments and may I add spot on too.
    Speak soon