Sunday, February 14

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I have to admit that toward the start of My Name Is Khan I cringed a bit. Not because of what I was feeling myself, but in sympathy for the hundreds (if not, thousands) of fans who had real life experience with Asperger's each of whom must have been thinking how wrong the film had gotten it. Heck I don't know much about the syndrome, yet even I could see the artistic licence used in the film.

But despite this blatant exploitation of Khan's (the character) built in innocence and naivete (apparently only a Muslim with Asperger's can be so honest and moving), the film does actually manage to get away with it. In spades.

Add to that Khan (that actor) and Kajol's existing heritage and chemistry and what you end up with is a film that keeps a lump in your throat for most of its runtime. Yes, it got carried away a bit (but never got silly), yes there was bags of drama (but none of it unnecessary) and yes it was a bit cheap at times (but forgivably so), but none of that mattered by the time the end credits rolled.

All the technicals were there: apart from a couple of scenes (in Georgia) the film was well produced and shot, the script funny and well acted out by both the main and supporting casts.

So no, I'd hardly call this a life changing piece of art that will change the world, heal relations between Hindus and Muslims or speed up the US withdrawal from Iraq... but as a Bollywood flick starring SRK and Kajol and directed by Johar it certainly didn't disappoint. I loved it.

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  1. I agree, I loved it. I have been recommending to everyone who would listen...which is a lot...