Thursday, February 11

New Music

Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe - Dulha Mil Gaya

A bit of a poor man's Kajra Re, this is a fun and flirty track nonetheless. Keep an ear out for Indian Idol's Monali Thakur (who I think actually makes the track).

Jee Le - Luck

I didn't even know there was a film out called Luck, which probably explains why I'm so late coming to this. I'm not exactly sure what is it about this track that I like; perhaps it's the anthem vibe it has going on, or maybe the cheekiness of it all. It could even be Shruti Hassan as she appears in the video.

Rabba - Sukhmani

A sweet little ballad, much of which I can't understand due to much of it being in Punjabi. Not that that's ever made a difference (2005! Eep). Shalla!

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