Tuesday, December 16

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XKCD is back on form with it's latest take on why we chicken out on what needs to be done:

Who knew that the "friendship rationalisation" was such a cliche? Well, I guess we all did really.


  1. aaahh pseudo-boyfriends.. all the shit, none of the good stuff

  2. Anonymous15:28

    Friendships are the new relationships for Muslims. Still unable to justify physical intimacy before marriage, young British Muslims are substituting traditional relationships with emotional intimacy disguised as friendships. Men and women hang out, go out for dinner, chat on the phone for hours, talk about their most intimate problems, yet never progress to relationships. Why is physical intimacy still a taboo but not emotional intimacy?

    Which then begs the question, can true intimacy be achieved without the physical?

  3. Kylie,

    I think I agree. After all it explains why I can't use the phone for more than ten minutes, always eat in groups and how most of my intimate problems are spouted on these pages. Thanks for the vindication!

    By the way I think those Muslims who want sex are, you know, actually getting it. Maybe it's a good thing that the rest of us don't need sex to be friends? In that sense I sense a hint of projection in your comment.

  4. Anonymous15:50

    IMO, opposite sex friendships are a good thing, and can very healthily exist without sex. But it's when people are only having friendships and never having relationships, and claim this is a perfectly natural state to remain in until their 30s - that's when I think it starts getting a bit fishy.