Sunday, December 28

Atha and Fatimah

Some guys are just cliches. In Atha's case I mean this in the best way possible: here is a universally acclaimed genuinely nice guy with lots of friends who he's always willing to put aside time for. He is super-funny and adored by all around him be they male or female; I can't imagine anyone thinking anything bad about him. He's also extremely normal and down-to-earth: many a time we've spent comically backing each other up against a room full of our more cultured and intelligent friends.

He'd never do anyone wrong let alone his wife - he's the perfect marriage material in all the right ways and yet he wasn't married until recently. Today is his valima/reception.

I'll stop before this post becomes about how stupid most women are for ignoring the good guys out there (but this might come later).

Fatimah isn't without quality either. This piano-playing, horse-riding, Ugandan-kid-saving girl was the type to make many in the marriage hall wonder exactly how talented a single person could be, but then I guess it takes a Cambridge graduate like her to know what they have with a guy like Atha. He's a lucky man.

The valima today reflected this. I'm not sure I've been to many that had a games' room (well in this case a games' hall) and a dazzling array of cakes for dessert. The speeches were wonderful and the whole thing just worked so well.

So in that sense they're pretty much perfect for each other. Two classy people in a classy union; what more could a couple wish for?

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  1. Atha got married?! :-D yaayy for him! I only met him once but what an absolutely fantastic guy! I agree with you- he really is a good guy mashaAllah and hilarious too! Best wishes to him and his new bride Fatimah :-)