Monday, December 1

Banned In China

A quick note about comments: apparently my blog is so radical and out there that it cannot be accessed from anywhere in China via normal means! Well okay apparently it's every website hosted by Blogger, but still the point is that I can't access my own blog, even though I can post to it.

What this means is that I can't reply to any of your comments. Don't worry though, I am receiving them and have a long list of replies to make once I can!


  1. I was wondering about the Chinese internet censorship...

  2. I was going to email to ask you about the internet blocking happening over there. Maybe you can write a further post about it in future

  3. Seems that I can see my blog in Lanzhou, so perhaps it's a provicial thing? As for censorship... We'll I've not looked for anything but I've not noticed anything either.

    In brief though I'd say that the typical impressions of China us in the West have might just be another case of those in power warping reality. As usual, it's best to see these things in real life for yourself and make your mind own mind up.

  4. I just read in the New York Times that the Chinese authorities have blocked the NYT's website in Beijing. From what I understand, they are more strict about the internet censorship when it comes to their own national websites. But not so strict when it comes to international news websites, such as the BBC, Newsweek, etc. Since majority of the Chinese, who can understand English, belong to the upper-class, it is believed that these individuals are not as impressionable, and their minds wouldn't be corrupted by the "western propaganda". But, this is the second time they have blocked the NYT website.

    So based on that theory, perhaps your blog was blocked in Beijing because I am guessing there is a higher number of English-readers in Beijing, and not that many people can understand English in Lanzhou.