Friday, November 7


xxxx says (10:45):
    doesn't it suck when you just do a little fart cos you can't be bothered to go to the toilet, and the hit girl with the big boobs comes over to talk toyou
Shak says (10:45):
    oh man have i got some stories about that
Shak says (10:46):
    although that is weard
    you usually go to the toilet?
xxxx says (10:46):
Shak says (10:46):
    i alayws let rip
    otheriwse id be going every 5 mins
xxxx says (10:46):
    I go when Its a prelude to a good s**t
Shak says (10:46):
    i often wonder if i should get my plumbing checked out
xxxx says (10:46):
    its too frequent for my likling
Shak says (10:46):
    then i think... well its not bothering me so why should i