Friday, November 14

Pakistan, Day One: Night Flights Provide Little Content

There's something liberating about coming to Pakistan during off peak season. For instance, checking in tonight was a breeze; a far cry from the usual scene of massive queues of people who, despite having been to Pakistan many times before all act as if it was the first time at an airport. I guess it helped a bit that we got here super early, but I reckon the old days are now over.

For the past few days I've been a bit jittery, feeling that I was leaving something behind. The trip had taken me by surprise, probably due to my mother taking charge of the house's packing; perhaps one day I'll get to keep my baggage allowance to myself? These jitters have now disappeared, leaving behind not much other than pure excitement. This is going to be an awesome trip and furthermore one that was well timed.

Flying with my parents is a rare thing nowadays, but I'm also flying with my aunt on this trip, a first for both of us. I think it'll add something new to the trip; a new sense of independence as we explore Karachi on our own terms. We'll see how it all pans out.

This trip is also special for another reason; but more of that later. I have to keep you guys reading for something!


  1. Oh God - NOOOOOOOOO.

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  3. Kia,

    Lol! Sorry dude. To be fair I have tried to mix it up a bit with the stuff you say you like when I get a chance to.

    At least this way you won't get a batch of posts to wade through on my return!