Wednesday, November 5

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There is cheese pouring our of holes in the sky

I couldn't say it better myself, so I figured I'd link to something a friend wrote instead. I must admit being bemused by the hype and excitement of Obama winning - I mean sure, it's certainly an interesting thing to have happened. But to think this will have a profound effect on anyone but a few people is a bit too optimistic for my liking.

(More ace topical someecards here. Thanks Zany!)

I'd even go as far to say fanboyish if the status updates on my facebook is anything to go by and receiving a congratulatory text message was just a bit too much; how many of these people were even interested in politics before yesterday? I wish it was as simple as an Obama but alas Bush wasn't the sole cause of the world's problems.

I just think we should all be saving our excitement for when Obama actually does something instead of patting ourselves on the back prematurely. Having said that, I must admit that I'd be well excited if he was sworn into office on a Quran...

As for being the first (half-)black POTUS... Well everyone seems to have forgotten Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact. Or even David Palmer in 24. Now they were cool black presidents.