Wednesday, February 9

Food: Kate's Cafe

Discovery can be a funny thing. We initially found Kate's Cafe on Tiktok - a Ghanian restaurant recommended by someone we didn't know, brought to our attention by an algorithm. It looked so good, so alluring, so essential. And so off we went.

Of course reality is never as shiny as social media, and so we left disappointed, even though the place wasn't that bad. We went for the kebabs, Jollof Rice with chicken and the novelty Kontomire with the dough like Fufu. Everything was... adequate.

Otherwise Kate's Cafe was clean, the service was great, and the place quiet and a decent place to try something new. I did find the bill of £15 per head a bit on the pricey side, but I suspect I will need to recalibrate my price expectations as a separate exercise anyway.

So overall, even thought I have no regrets visiting Kate's Cafe this time, I don't envisage going back in the near future.

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