Thursday, January 27

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Firstly, I honestly can't remember the last time I went to see a production in the theatre. I'd blame covid, but according to these very pages the drought began at least a year before the virus did.

Secondly, and perhaps following from the above, I wish I had seen The Book Of Mormon sooner. This isn't because its amazing, but more because it doesn't seem to have dated well. Humour is always a transient thing, but when a show relies on edgy comedy it's subject to that edge moving... and for me the shock value just wasn't there any more. It may have been ten years ago.

And unfortunately once the laughs have gone, what's left is pretty normal. The production was alright, the acting okay, the music and singing decent. Altogether though it was all very middling.

So a victim of the passage of time, and perhaps my own high expectations, The Book Of Mormon wasn't as essential as I hoped it would be. And so Avenue Q remains top of the pile when it comes to belly aching comedy theatre - although now I'm wondering if I need to revisit that to see how well, if at all, that has aged.

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