Monday, June 15

Book: Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson Click for more info

As I increasingly become familiar with the author, Warbreaker certainly feels like Sanderson book. It has the same, almost academic, level of magic (although I did feel the whole BioChroma thing had more gaps than Allomancy), some decent characters and even the same feeling of rush toward the end.

What Warbreaker does differently is focus more on character themes - in this case insecurity and betrayal. I counted at least three examples of grand betrayal in the book, and the last felt just as fresh and surprising as the first. In terms of thrill, the book certainly delivers.
That said I can't help but feel that Warbreaker is a weaker offering from Sanderson - it's certainly so compared to Mistborn and Elantris. Apparently it was written with the involvement of fans, and so I'm not sure how much of an effect that had. As I continue my journey through the Cosmere, however, it did feel just as in place and vital to read.

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