Tuesday, May 5

Book: The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson Click for more info

If there's one positive thing that lockdown has brought me it's a routine that allows a relatively fast consumption of books - at least I don't think I've ever posted two reviews in a row.

But that I managed to complete the Mistborn trilogy is a boon - it was a fun ride while it lasted and book three didn't disappoint. One thing I like about Sanderson that I noticed when he took over from Jordan in WoT was how clear of direction he is - he doesn't leave many threads hanging and when he does he's always quite explicit in tying them up. As such, The Hero of Ages was a breeze to read, and if I have any complaints its that it ramps up a bit too quickly - the crescendo happens over the last three or four chapters out of 45+ so I wasn't quite expecting it all to end like it did.

But that's a minor complaint really. Although I still think the first book was the strongest I did enjoy the trilogy as a whole, and am glad of the promise of more to come from the world of allomancy and the rest.

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