Saturday, April 28

Film: Avengers: Infinity War Click for more info

The most amazing thing about Infinity War is in fact how they managed to actually pull it off. In all other contexts and attempts it would have been impossible to create a film that sufficiently gathers the momentum and energy of its previous 18(!) films... But here we are. But aside from that feat the film itself was a joy to behold, both in terms of entertainment and technical accomplishment. I don't think I've seen a single film so fun, energetic, emotional, pumped, well produced, balanced, acted or directed before.

The only real flaw is that as a standalone movie it probably won't make a lot of sense. This has to be watched as the 19th episode of an epic, but I'm guessing for most people that's not really a flaw at all.

Absolutely stunning and sublime, Infinity War gets nothing less than an utmost recommendation. I'm still buzzing just thinking about it, and I expect that to last till my next viewing of the movie.

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  1. Anonymous16:24

    I'm not a Marvel addict, but it was good. Far better than the horrible Justice League. The one thing, though, is that I didn’t find Thanos particularly terrifying - as should have been the case if he is supposedly such an epic villain. His cronies weren't particularly scary either.