Monday, April 9

Book: Caliban's War, James S. A. Corey Click for more info

A marked improvement on the first book, Caliban's War brought me some of the things I felt were missing from the world of a well explored solar system. We now have politicking, some out there science, dogfights and even a bit of character progression. It's still not perfect science fiction, but if it continues on the trajectory it does promise to be something great.

In the meantime I have watched the first book's worth of the TV show (which perversely took me to the middle of season 2), and it turns out that my hope that the visualisation of a book would be better entertainment was once again misplaced; although a decent enough show it did feel a little bit rushed and patchworked. It remains to be seen if it can pull the same trajectory as the books so far do.

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