Tuesday, October 24

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I'm not quite sure when the MCU went from just two to three fixes per year, but it does seem like we've been waiting an age for this, the third in the Thor series of films. For some reason I anticipated Ragnarok to be an epic in its own right, the pivot on which the MCU turns to bigger and more darker things... so I was very surprised by what it actually turned out to be.

That's not to say Ragnarok was bad... just different. It was very aloof - perhaps a little too much - and seemed to follow on from the slapstick approach of the more recent MCU films like Guardians and Spider-man. How that suits the more serious character of Thor I'm still not sure, but the film did make me laugh out loud multiple times so there is that.

I think I'll sum up my thought by saying that Ragnarok is a better film on its own than as part of the MCU, something that does disappoint in the context of the wider franchise. But its still a good film and on its individual merit definitely worth a recommendation.

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