Tuesday, September 12

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For most of us born in the 70s and 80s, Pennywise was a real thing. This is in spite of none of us having actually watched all of the 1990 mini series, but I certainly do remember the scary clown in the drain, coaxing poor little George with his paper boat. Stephen King claims that clowns were always scary, but for me it was always his fault.

But I digress. It (the movie) is both an attempt to revisit the town of Derry (because, you know, nostalgia) and present it in a new format - this isn't just a remake as (possible spoilers!) the film only covers the first half of the chronology; that is the protagonists as youths. This is probably a good thing as you end up with a scary movie dripping with that Goonies (and now, Stranger Things) vibe that we all love.

It's scary, but not too much. The plot is alright, relying on the thrill to prop it up. Overall the film is very normal, if not passable, but enjoyable nonetheless. On balance a recommendation then, if only as a way to finally put those Pennywise nightmares to bed.

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  1. Watched the trailer for work last week, and not sure I agree with your assessment of "it's scary, but not too much"...