Tuesday, September 5

Film: Detroit Click for more info

I'll be honest: I hadn't even heard of the Detroit race riots until the opening of this film. But I was sold on Bigelow taking the helm, having thoroughly enjoyed her last two flagship movies - Detroit was guaranteed to at least have impact, but I was also expecting some great acting and production values.

I wasn't disappointed. As is becoming a staple for Bigelow, the film was clear in both its objectives and storytelling, leaving me gripped and engaged throughout. It was in its final moments, however, that I did feel a little let down; the conclusion of the movie (the accused police being cleared by a jury) betrayed the authenticity of the rest - can a film really claim to tell us the truth of the matter after a court (which should, in theory anyway, have a better grasp of the facts) has told us a different story? The question is a rabbit hole, and for me at least unravelled quite a bit of the story.

As a film however, Detroit was a good one and despite the meta-conflict I'm left with I can also easily recommend it.

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