Monday, January 5

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On the Phenomenon of Bulls**t Jobs

It actually started with my stumbling across what appeared to be a couple of 200 unauthorised posted on the tube (see here and here). On searching for the quote I reached the original source, an article by David Graeber originally written in 2013 when it appeared in Strike! magazine.

Amongst other things, the genius of the article is in its length, conciseness, clarity and especially in its content: I don't think there will be many people reading it who wouldn't have been doing so while nodding their heads in agreement. For me personally, it was able to vindicate some of the things that friends and I would have concluded a long time ago; that productivity of a workforce doesn't equal the number of man-hours expended. And as someone who has long established their relationship with work (I certainly know my own answer to the "What would you do if you won the lottery?" question), I thought some of the ideas in the article were bang on.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    You know I read your blog and realise that I know more than you. I realised this two years ago. I quit my job and have done nothing for two years!! :D

    Globalisation - bullshit! Animal farm with different pigs at each stage since WW2.

  2. Anonymous18:37

    Ok this got me thinking more deeply. Those people with said 'bullshit jobs' suddenly think they're more superior to those with normal jobs e.g. police, teacher anything pubic service. Yet you still find, they have the audacity to presume they're more smarter than you by being in said 'bullshit job'.

    Then you move on to the real bullshitters who need to validate their existence by continuously upgrading their credentials to appear to look important e.g masters, PhDs etc..

    The funniest is when you meet them for the first time and the conversation is limited to 'so what do you do?'...... and after 5 mins of listening to said 'bullshit', they leave with the impression they are smarter than you when really you're taking the piss out of them for living a zombie existence....yet they will never admit it to themselves and say that you're unambitious or uneducated.

    So, all in all, I have decided that from now on when I meet people with 'bullshit jobs', (this includes the whole world, including the president of the USA), I will slaughter them for the pigs they are, via debate of course.

    Why do people have to validate their existence through these things.....goddamn Zuckerberg for FB!!

    Rant over ;D

    PS the funniest is when women have graduated (lawyers especially!) and they don't specialise because they don't want to work the goddamn hours needed for it!!!

  3. Anonymous18:43

    Captcha keeps asking me if i'm a robot....I keep having to think about it.....

  4. Anonymous22:19

    In fact, it's quite scary that you post things that I have discussed with people...I think I may be an indigo adult *peace*

    Check out their FB page!!

  5. Anonymous22:37

    I now realise that i've been having an existential crisis for two years......this post has depressed me.

    Pretty soon we will be living in a world like the Handmaid's Tale. Oh dear God no!!!

    Happy new year