Saturday, January 17

Food: Waterfall Kebab Centre Click for more info

I actually paused for a moment before deciding to review this place, something that appeared to be a typical high street kebab shop. I mean the line has to be drawn somewhere right? If I wrote about every new place I ate in then this place would be even more tired and mundane than it already is. Heck, I might as well start tweeting my every meal or something.

But then I realised firstly that I'm not really a food snob, secondly that no one actually cares about the ethics of food writing and thirdly - and most importantly - everyone needs to know about Waterfall Kebab Centre.

First up, let's start with the food: it was awesome. All of it. From the grilled meats (I had the Adana) to the fried chips to the salads, everything was prepared with such care and pride we started enjoying the food even before we tasted it. And once we did that I realised that this was a special place.

So on to service then. Our server was polite, chatty and engaging[1] - it was almost like we were visiting someone's home for dinner, and I guess in hindsight it's not really surprising that the place was a family run joint. We even started talking about movies and cake baking at two separate points. The free tea and baklava at the end was just the icing on the cake really.

Cost wise there were no complaints either; a tenner a head got us a spread of starters, a main each and a few drinks for the party. Totally worth it. If there was a distracting point it's that the place was essentially a kebab shop: it's probably not the place you would take the highly maintained Londoner date of today. Although quite frankly if they turned their noses up at this place I know which I would choose to stick with.

So there you have it, probably the best kebab shop I've been to. Totally recommended.

[1] And I challenge any of the guys I was with to deny fancying our server.


  1. Anonymous21:30

    Read it!

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    Have you tried Meetup?

    Shall I keep a two-weekly progress of how you're doing?

    Think of all the 'goodies' you're missing out on......

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  6. Anonymous13:56

    You know what, I'm just going to say it. You're spoilt with easy-going parents. No-one will ever say it to your face but here's the truth.

    1. You're too fussy and want the best. Understandably so but there's also compromise in everything.
    2. The ones you like come from shit families - you know the educated ones but have no other morals or common sense.
    3. You want the best of both worlds - traditional but also open minded and western.
    4. You are attracted to non-muslims and non-pakistanis but family want a certain type.
    5. You want someone who matches your intelligence but is also good looking, should compromise on her career to serve you - doesn't work like that anymore.....I think you'll find that the world has changed, not necessarily for the better but you need to move with the times.
    6. You use logic and rules when it comes to dating instead of seeing the person for who they are - does she fit in with my 'image of a woman'?
    7. You want someone fun, happy, liberated, open and also a bit northern (because they're easy!)
    8. You want hot sex but have no idea how to initiate it or discuss it with the opposite sex without offending them!!

    I can give you a more in depth analysis if you want.....

    Believe me when I say that i'm not trying to embarrass you. The main point of this is the following, if you still haven't understood it yet:

    BE DECISIVE and stop being rigid...oh and online dating does not work- trust me on that one.

    Who gives a shit if she wears nail polish or not or has a different surname to you and whatever else you think about. Deep thinkers have problems because they try to account for everything....

    Shak, get with it. Seriously, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you apart from the fact that you've got an iron rod stuck up your arse!

    Apologies for being harsh but someone needs to say it before you hit 40!

    Lovingly trying to help :D Feel free to delete this comment.

    Oh and the 'one' person cannot be 'perfect' in everything. That's why you have friends and family and acquaintances :)

  7. Anonymous14:42

    oh forgot the fact that she must be fair skinned and have a round face!!

    What every fucking man wants.

  8. Anonymous22:21

    Remember this:

    Pure women for pure men. And vice versa.