Tuesday, October 22

Food: Temple Lounge Click for more info

Urgh. There are some things I do, and some places I go, which make me wonder if anything ever changes and if humans as a species are actually progressing. Temple Lounge is one of these places. It really was like being back in the late-ninties-slash-early-noughties, with that particular blend of lowered brows and bad service that would only ever be tolerated by brown people who don't actually know better (or rather want to appear grown up by paying twenty quid to puff on a shisha pipe).

Okay fine: the food was alright and there were a few pretty young girls there if that's your thing (I'm guessing from QMW or Westminster - you know the type), but to be honest I'm just grasping at straws mentioning these things because I'd feel too bad giving the place a complete rinsing. Oh and yes, the place was way too expensive for what it was. Two hour limits? Cash only? I'd laugh if I wasn't cringing so badly.

Cheap, insubstantial and oh-so-tacky, I guess you could go here for a gag or a dare or just to remind ourselves that we can't take the more decent places for granted. Otherwise do yourself a favour and avoid.

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