Thursday, October 24

Food: Polo Bar Click for more info

Sometimes the best kept secrets really are in plain sight. Take this, a greasy little cafe right in the busiest part of Bishopsgate. Of all the years I've visited and even worked in the area I have never before even noticed the place.

Which sucks, because it really is a neat little gem. Okay, there's not much for those with restrictive halal diets, but the fish and veg options are pretty good (what can possible top a smoked salmon sandwich? Why, a fish finger sandwich, that's what), the service decent and the vibe top notch. It a great place to catch up with friends - there's not much to distract you from the company you're with.

And most surprisingly it wasn't even unreasonable value, with two sandwiches, drinks and a shared dessert all coming to £12.25 which is pretty unbeatable in my book. Totally recommended.

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