Monday, July 1

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I have to say I did find it odd heading to a Holiday Inn to grab dinner. I mean what could we ever expect? Sandwiches? Eggs on toast?

But on entering I have to say I was relatively surprised: this was a clean and well presented restaurant and appeared in better shape than most places I've eaten at. Unfortunately that impression quickly faded once we got our food - we were essentially eating prepared ready meals, albeit pretty good ready meals.

But where 2012 really failed was with the service. Mistakes happen all the time, but it's how they are dealt with that matters. So when my Muslim friend went to great lengths to convince our server, his manger and the chef that the vegetable lasagne they received was full of beef mince we knew the place had lost any credibility it had.

The only saving grace was the cost - at around 8 quid per head for a main and drink using a Gourmet Card the price was nothing to complain about. Everything else, unfortunately, had lots.

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