Tuesday, July 2

Food: Chicks On Fire Click for more info

Although the fun with Chicks On Fire starts with the name, it follows on all the way to the place, the menu, the proprietor, chef and eventually the food. It's all so happy and feel good, you begin to wonder if the place is on drugs. What we do have here is the simple concept of grilled chicken modified with various sauces and marinades (think gourmet Nando's), and after finishing my meal it was clear it was a winning formula.

The starters were interesting enough (I've never had a smear of humous before) but the main event was the chicken - I actually had a burger (which, was more of a very generous sandwich) and a quarter piece and all were very tasty and very spicy - there was no need for any additional sauces to top up the taste here.

So not much to complain about really - perhaps the bench seating was a little uncomfortable? I can't give an accurate indication of the price but I think it was all under a tenner per head which is great value in anyone's book. Recommended.

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