Sunday, June 16

Food: Shake Shack Click for more info

Okay I admit it - the main reason I ate here was because it's as close as I'm going to get to having a restaurant named after me. But egotistical decision making aside, it did turn out to be a relatively good choice with some pretty decent burger and fries accompanying a solid milkshake and pretty heavenly red velvet ice cream dessert. My only criticisms are that it was a bit on the small side - in hindsight I should have just gone for the double - and maybe a little unexciting in terms of taste. I'm also not sure how much it all cost exactly but I suspect it wasn't as budget as the McDonald's next door.

But it wasn't bad at all, and I'll definitely be checking out the new branch opening soon in my own home town (halal permitting of course).


Rohit Alimchandani

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
Shack Shake  would have been a much better name n'est ce pas?

Humaira Gulzad

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
I found this on my way to work this morning!

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