Wednesday, June 19

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Oh my, what a train wreck this film was. It was too long, too boring and too stingy with the payoff, and so... normal it felt like a waste of an Orange Wednesday voucher.

I think my main issue is with the identity crisis the film goes through. It just doesn't know what it wants to be - apart from different from other Supermen perhaps. The trouble is that it seems to have gone a little too far. Okay, the disdain for shaky-cam and super-zoom might be just my personal gripe, but if I wanted to watch a apocalyptic sci-fi disaster movie I would have picked one. And really, don't get me started on the dodgy editing. Here's a tip, movie makers: explicit will always trump implied action.

I've heard some reviews make that now typical and elitist justification for bad re-imaginings like this, that only real fans will "get it". Well perhaps I'm not a real fan, but I'm hardly a Batman or Marvel expert either that didn't stop me from enjoying The Dark Knight or The Avengers multiple times. I see niche appeal as a flaw, not a strength, and if you need some kind of affinity with a subject to enjoy a film I don't see that as a good thing.

So no, no recommendations here. Perhaps it's one to wait for the DVD of; just skip to chapter 10 or so and you might just get to see a decent superhero movie.

EDIT: for those of you who have seen this film and enjoyed it as much as I did, here's a link you might enjoy.


Muhtashim Ayub

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
yeah it's awful. Right after watching it I thought it was a solid 3 * film but in the week since it's gone even lower in my estimation. The basic fault is one of narrative, it has no story most glaringly it has no 2nd act. It begins then it ends with a 40min fight scene.

Sahil Dhingra

1 month ago  -  Shared publicly
I still have to watch it. It can't be that bad :|

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