Wednesday, June 6

Film: Prometheus Click for more info

Maybe I just didn't get it? Perhaps I should have seen the movie as an arthouse flick instead of science fiction? I dunno. All I know is that I didn't really enjoy this film that much. My only surprise is my surprise, since I got exactly what I expected after watching the trailer.

But let me try to remain objective here. The plot was pretty nonsensical (which was impressive considering how simple it was), the acting shabby, the direction poor and stuttery. There wasn't even a technical basis on which to watch this film.

I've already spent more words on this than I wanted to. Totally not recommended. In fact, I think I'll watch Alien over the weekend to get the taste of Prometheus out of my mouth.


  1. I have a theory that big budgets stifle creativity. Haven't seen Prometheus yet. Not sure I will as given how much I like Alien (and I prefer Alien to Aliens), there's now way Prometheus can match expectations, and good or bad (and others have also given poor reviews) it's going to be at least slightly disappointing.

  2. yep, it was crap. completely nonsensical plot, that begins with profound ideas and just gives up half way through.