Friday, June 29

City Circle: Ten Things You Should Know About Happiness Click for more info

First of all: yikes! Has it really been that long since I last came to City Circle? Crazy stuff. Still, it was pretty poignant seeing the place again - some things had changed, a lot yet hadn't really.
But yes, seeing as my days as a pseudo-regular attendee are long gone, it took something a little more than the usual to grab my attention. And this was it: a talk on how to be happy, a topic I've covered a little here on this blog and elsewhere (in reality). I admit it: I didn't really come for guidance, but more for vindication.

Ajmal Masroor is a Cool Enough Dude. He's concise and accessible, although I wouldn't really call him "one of us" quite yet. A lot of what he says is common sense and he didn't really surprise today either, pretty much telling us all stuff we should have already known. In brief, here are those ten things:

  1. Happiness is all around us already (or, be happy with your lot, there is always someone worse off).
  2. Happiness is not found in material gain.
  3. Happiness comes from within.
  4. A content heart is vital to be happy.
  5. A happy person is one of sound character.
  6. A happy person shares their happiness, their wealth, their time.
  7. Happiness stems from true and meaningful relationships.
  8. Happiness is correlated with simplicity.
  9. Happiness comes from serving others.
  10. Those who celebrate life are happy.

I may have paraphrased a little but you get the picture. The talk was a good one and it was good to have attended.

I left the talk after Masroor was done, hoping to avoid the inevitable annoyance brought by an inane Q&A (see? I know how to be happy); it's a little depressing that the majority of people will miss the point of what was being said.

No, you don't have to point out the irony in that.

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