Saturday, March 31

Saracens Vs Harlequins

So I'm not really an authentic Rugby fan really. I don't know how the game is played, not fully anyway, and I'll be damned if I can name any teams or players. But still when you get offered free tickets to watch a league match in Wembley you don't really turn them down too quickly. I was sure it'd be a decent Saturday out.

And apart from the cold it wasn't too bad at all. This was my first time back at Wembley since an Oasis gig I attended over a decade ago, way before the rebuild, so it was nice to see what they had done with the place. I was duly impressed, particularly as we got a decent view of the pitch despite sitting in the heavens.

The rugby itself was quite fun too. I decided to back the home team, The Saracens, and I must say that I kinda got into the whole thing by the end of it and was a even a little gutted when they lost. Oh well. But live sport is fun regardless of how passionate you are about those playing.

A nice little bonus was being part of a world record - the largest ever attendance for a club rugby match apparently. They even took one of those HD images of the crowd - you can check that out here.

So yes, a pretty decent day out; I might even have more than a minimal interest in the sport now.

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