Friday, March 2

Food: Cabana Click for more info

Brazilian BBQ eh? Well, looks like Wahaca to me. Anyway what drew us to this place was its halal listing in the Westfield directory - turns out it's only the chicken that is Muslim friendly but that's more than enough for us.

The food is standard south American (which will probably offend more people than I wanted to), but the real gimmick here is the rolling open order you have on the BBQ. Think Yo Sushi but with meat and you'll get what I mean. A sure fire way to rack up a hefty bill.

Still we did eat well and it didn't cost too much in the end. I forget the exact amount, but it wasn't prohibitive especially since we got a drink each too. So, Cabana is recommended if you want something different in both food and experience; just make sure you keep an eye on your wallets as you do.

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