Friday, February 24

Umrah 2012, Day Twelve: Counting Down

And so it begins - since I'll be leaving for home tomorrow, my last set of prayers in the mosque begin today, starting with Jummah. Sensibly enough we got in early, and since I had secured my place from 11am I didn't really get a full sense of how busy it got, but I'm sure it was. Asr passed by quietly enough, and we even waited for Maghrib adhaan before leaving our hotel - liberties and complacency is obviously taking over during these final moments.

Between Maghrib and Esha I took a final walk around the mosque. I went to the bottom most floor of Al-Masa'a and took in the better view of the two mountains I used to climb as a child, now fully encased behind glass. Too many people kissing them, I guess.

My final Esha also passed without event.

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