Friday, February 24

Book: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins Click for more info

It took this, the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, to figure out what I didn't like about the writing style. You see, it turns out that not only have I met Katniss before, but I have done so many times in every blog, tweet, facebook post or even email I've read from an angsty person. Heck, I probably sounded like her myself at times. But I read books to get away from all that, and I guess that's where the irritation lies and judging by the ubiquity of this media, I pray that all literature resists following suit.

Aside from that particular revelation, I didn't actually like Catching Fire as much as the first book. I explained in the previous review that, for me at least, The Hunger Games was all about the situation rather than the plot or characters, and now that that situation had all but expired there really wasn't much else to keep my interest.

But the book is still short and accessible and since I had come this far there wasn't a real or compelling need to bail on it. So although it doesn't really get a full recommendation, it is worth bearing with for completion's sake I suppose.

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