Friday, January 6

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Wicked is the last of the big shows I had yet to see. It's probably a testament to it's popularity that tickets to it never seemed to get any cheaper than full price, so a few friends and I jumped when a deal did appear.

But a discussion on my tightness aside, Wicked was rather wonderful. It was fun, the (now well known) plot and twist on an existing tale was brilliant and it was much funnier than I expected it to be too.

Technically it was okay - the acting was much better than the singing, but the choreography was pretty and the music catchy. The set and costume were all very simple yet very effective and I had no trouble being pulled in with the running of the show.

I had a couple of complaints with the venue - the Victoria Apollo seemed particularly audience unfriendly with the angle of seating almost guaranteeing a head in your way. Seating was also quite cramped and uncomfortable, something which was compounded by the deceptively above average runtime of the show.

All in all it was definitely worth watching; especially as have got some weird discounting going on the moment. Much recommended.

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