Saturday, January 14

Book: The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman Click for more info

I'll always be the first to admit when I'm proven wrong. Not that I ever said Northern Lights was a bad book, just not as amazing as I was hearing it was.

But I did think that The Subtle Knife was awesome. The fact is that this was a book that I was actually looking forward to reading each morning, something that hasn't really happened for a long time.

Perhaps it was the way things finally begun to unfold; the long game if you will. Or maybe it was because the annoying protagonist from the first book had been replaced by someone much more interesting. Whatever the reason, it worked.

I also finally got a good taste of the whole religious angst those who have read the books always seem to refer to. Those of you sensitive to religious themes in fiction, I would suggest steer clear of this stuff.

Heartily recommended then, and I eagerly look forward to making my way through the third and final book in the series.

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