Thursday, October 6

Shak's Choice: Nazanin Boniadi Click for more info

It's a bit of a special edition today. You see the magnificent Nazanin isn't technically my choice; heck I don't even watch How I Met Your Mother, the show in which she was spotted. But after a (girl) friend suggested I marry Nazanin I thought it prudent to look her up and, yes, it turns out that she's actually quite the knockout.

Notable tidbits include how she's Iranian, that she's won awards for her work in cancer research and how much of an activist she is. So no, not just a pretty face then.


  1. Anonymous21:58

    She's way out of your league.

  2. hunbun20:43

    So tru! u aint all tht hun!

  3. Hunbun,

    A guy can dream though, surely?

  4. Sanaa21:36

    She's so gorgeous. I have such a crush on her its crazy.

  5. I hate the way she speaks

    You should watch HIMYM you are so TED!!!

  6. Apparently I should watch BBT too because I am "so Sheldon".